NJT GROUP has developed a set of diverse and varied software solutions to meet the classic needs of our customers and the market, but also innovative solutions to explore new possibilities previously provided manually or through incomplete solutions.

This page gives you a brief overview of these solutions. To go further, you will find the links on the sites and brochures of the solutions, which give access to more detailed information.

THERMODITY is an innovative IOT (Internet Of Things) solution that combines computers and electronics to allow remote monitoring and control of temperature and humidity in some environments (datacenter, cold rooms, greenhouses, warehouses, ...). It also allows remote equipment to be activated automatically when certain temperature or humidity values are reached.

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MANSOFT is a specialized complete solution to accompany our customers in their activities in the field of carpet and fabric sales. It allows to control the entire process of selling carpets and fabrics, to efficiently manage their stocks and intra-store exchanges and to ensure the internal management of their companies.

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«in One» is a practical solution for hotels and tourist establishments. It allows them to offer many services to their customers from smartphones: restaurant reservations, car rentals, excursion purchases, cab reservations, etc... It also allows them to listen to their customers, track their reservations and preferences and adapt their promotions and marketing messages.

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CABISOFT is a medical office management solution designed to support health professionals on a daily basis by automating their activity and organization: access to patient files, appointment management, prescription assistance, waiting room management, visit logging, editing of all documents, offering patients services for completing care sheets, etc.

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NJT GROUP provides SMEs and VSEs with a package of products and services to develop their business, improve their productivity and competitiveness at suitable costs and adapted to their budgets: site or online store, mobile application, email, cloud storage space, electronic document management (ECM) and digital marketing.